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Pope Francis

A Call That Resounds


Reflecting on his pilgrimage to Rome, Alessandro recalls the origin of his discovery of his vocation.

Friends from the US and Italy gather after the audience with Pope Francis

The Road to Rome


Some friends who traveled to Rome for the audience with Pope Francis share their experiences.

Friends from the LA Community
Fr. Giussani's tomb

A Unity We Do Not Create


Traveling alone from Alabama, Mandy finds herself among thousands of brothers and sisters, all united by the ‘yes’ of Fr. Giussani.

The Audience: Pope Francis' Words

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The Pope's address at the audience with Communion and Liberation for the Centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth. St. Peter's Square, October 15, 2022.

Welcome to our new national website!

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We have redesigned to make it more efficient, and more easily navigable, in order to share the beauty of our experience of the faith with everyone.

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Florida: "A Companionship that Constitutes me"


Alberto has been visiting a convicted prisoner in Florida for several years. It is a story that dates back to a few years ago and that has changed his life. "The movement is not a ‘container’ where I go and take the things I know how to do…”

Participants listening to the Exhibit on Luigi Giussani

The Journey to the Truth


Janel shares her experience of giving a witness for the NYE exhibit on the life of Fr. Giussani

The Pope in Nur-sultan for mass (©Ansa/Alessandro Di Meo)

Kazakhstan: "Look, the Master is here and he is calling you"

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About 100 friends of the movement from all over the country and beyond gathered together in Nur-sultan for Pope Francis' visit. Here are the accounts of those who were there, and of those who were able to meet him in person.

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La Thuile, The Day After


"Why?" did people from all over the world travel to Italy for a four-day meeting?

A moment from the International Assembly of Responsibles

The Point From Which We Start Again

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Notes from Davide Prosperi’s introduction to the International Assembly of Leaders of Communion and Liberation (La Thuile, August 26, 2022).

Luca, a teacher in Gainesville, Florida

Florida: The Facts Before Our Eyes


Luca has been teaching in the United States for seven years. He recounts his life in recent times and his relationships with friends. It is an everyday life in which "Jesus happens, and He asks me to follow Him."

The Basilica of Loreto

Loreto 2022: Message From Davide Prosperi

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The annual pilgrimage to Czestochowa for high school graduates, university near and new graduates of CL is replaced this year by a day at the Basilica of the Holy House on July 19. Here are the Davide Prosperi's words to the young people taking part.

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"My Roses Are Blooming"


Rachelle recounts community life in North Carolina. In 2011 there were seven people, but at their last gathering there were more than 40 people. "What are You doing, Lord, that You have created this community out of practically nothing?"

The June 20, 2022 conference at the Pontifical Lateran University

"Movements and New Communities", Formation on Charisms

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The contribution of the President of the fraternity of CL at the theological conference held June 20th at the Pontifical Lateran University, which helps to “look more deeply at what co-essentiality between charism and institution means.”