Frequently Asked Questions

Some tips to navigate the new website.
Where is the Common Fund Link?
The Common Fund link is under the CL USA Section here.

How many CL websites are there, and how can they be accessed?

There are five CL International websites published in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Local national websites are also available on the new platform for Germany, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain (also in Catalan), Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada (in English), Canada (in French), the United Kingdom, and Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. All other national websites still remain on the old platform and can be accessed by clicking on the acronym USA in the upper right-hand corner and “National Websites” below.

How is the USA national website different to the English international website?

This website includes all the information related to the life of the movement in the United States: the events organised by the various communities in the US, our history, cultural presentations, testimonies, stories, news about the Catholic Church in the United States, and from around the world. It also includes the contact information for the USA Secretary Team and for local communities. The international content hosted on our site refers to the international website, as well as international news and publications, and the international magazine, Traces.

How do I know if I am surfing the national or the international web?

Navigation through the national website is generated automatically until you click on content that refers to the international site. A green box will then appear on the lower left side of the screen informing you that you have left the national site. To return to the national site, just click on the green box on the bottom left where it says: "You are browsing the international site", click there to return to the national site.

How can I return to the national site if I have closed the green box?

In that case, you must click on the acronym EN that appears in the upper right-hand side of the website, and then click on “National Websites” and choose United States to navigate back to the national site.

Where can I consult current news?

In the section “News” >“Current Events” you will find articles and letters relating to the life of CL in the United States and the educational path we are undertaking, as well as news about the Catholic Church in the USA.

Where can I find books, videos, and manifestos published by CL?

By clicking on the “Publications” section on the menu bar at the top of the website, you will be re-directed to the international website where you can browse books, videos, posters, and other texts published by CL.

How can I read the articles in the latest issue of Traces?

The latest issue of Traces will be accessible in the "Traces" section in PDF format. Users will be able to download it to their devices, or simply read it online.

Where can I find the text of Archbishop Santoro's School of Community?

To download the text of Archbishop Santoro's School of Community in pdf or epub format, click on “School of Community for June 8, 2022”. This will re-direct you to the English international site from which the texts can be downloaded. In the same section you can also find material for "GS School of Community".

Where can I find texts by Fr. Giussani?

Some textual excerpts and videos can be found in "About CL" and "Luigi Giussani". In the "Fr. Giussani" section of the digital archives you can also find about forty significant texts by Giussani. His writing published in Traces or Page One can be found in the "Traces" section. All other Giussani texts are collected in the Scritti digital archives, which one can access with a free account.

Where can I find CL contacts in other countries?

At the bottom of the main page of the website, in the section Contact Us > World, you can find a list of CL contacts in different countries throughout the world.

Are the contents of the website shared on social media?

For now, content from the English website is available on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, and Youtube

How can I submit my contribution for the US CL website?

All submissions for the USA CL website can be sent to . clusanewsletter@humanadventurecorp.org. They will then be reviewed and considered for publication.