School of Community

What is it?

School of Community is an fundamental educational tool for those who participate in the life of the movement. It consists of the personal meditation on a text, followed by community meetings. Work is conceived just like a school: its method consists in a comparison between the Christian proposal and life, in order to verify how faith responds to human needs in every aspect of reality. Participation is free and is proposed in study and work environments. Meetings are generally weekly.

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Methods and Tips for School of Community (1992)

School and Method. Notes of Two Conversations (1993 and 1997)

Something that comes first (1993)

The Religious Sense

The text of School of Community for 2023 is "The Religious Sense" by Luigi Giussani.

On May 2, in Milan, the presentation of the new edition of the first volume of Fr. Luigi Giussani's "PerCorso," The Religious Sense, took place.
We offer Jorge Mario Bergoglio's Preface, taken from his public presentation of the Spanish edition, on October 16, 1998 in Argentina, when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.