News - 2023

In My Father's House

StoriesAlberto De Simoni

An interview with the founder of My Father’s House, Jim Blum. An earlier version was published in Italian on on December 25, 2023

Meeting Christ in the City


The Washington DC CL University students organize and present an exhibit on Dorothy Day in order to rediscover the life of Christians living in the city.

In the Company of Fr. Giussani


Irene and Nadia share their experience of taking a year to read the biography of Fr. Giussani with a group of friends.

Photo by: Finn // Unsplash

When Things Get Real


Erin reflects on her journey of faith in light of the work we are doing on The Religious Sense.

Photo Credit: Aditya Romansa // Unsplash

The Dynamic of Knowing


Elvira, a neonatologist working in perinatal palliative care, shares her judgment of the challenging situation surrounding the life of Indi Gregory, who passed away on November 14.

Peace in the Middle East(?)

StoriesStephen Adubato

Abbot Nikodemus Schnabel, a Benedictine monk living in the Holy Land, tells us about his experience living in the midst of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and about his hope for peace. An interview from the Cracks in Postmodernity podcast.

Photo Credit: Syd Wachs // Unsplash

Jon Fosse: 2023 Nobel Laureate


“Everything I’ve written can perhaps be called a sort of mystical realism⁠ — not ‘magical,’ but mystical⁠.”

Kuok-Wai Lio, pianist

A Constellation of Gifts


A new judgment born from listening to Chopin’s “The Raindrop” played at the National Assembly.

"Faith, the Fulfillment of Reason"

Current Events

Notes from the words of Francesco Cassese and Davide Prosperi at the Beginning Day of the Adults of Communion and Liberation of the Lombardy Region, and the testimony of Jone Echarri.

Testimony of Jone Echarri

Current Events

Jone Echarri's testimony at the Communion and Liberation Beginning Day (Milan, 23 September 2023).

The 2023 MedConference: Why Care?


Seeking lasting ways to sustain the healthcare profession, 85 medical professionals gathered in Minnesota in October for the annual MedConference.

The Profound Sense of A Failure

StoriesLuca Doninelli

A review of the book The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. (Published in the November issue of Tracce)

A Visible Appearance


“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

A New Day


Joey shares his experience of attending the National Assembly in Estes Park, CO.

Beginning Again in the US


This year there were 35 Beginning Days across the country. Friends from Virginia, Texas, Ohio and Arizona share their experiences.