Middle School Students (Knights)

Responsible: Fr. Roberto Amuroso
Email: Knightsofstclement@gmail.com

The proposal for the middle-school-students in the US CL communities follows the rule:

“God is proposing something great to you right now.
If you see it, write it down.
If you do not see it, pray a Memorare and ask to see it.”

The relevant educational and pastoral activities of CL US aimed at middle-school-students, conducted under various names and in various locations, include the following activities.

(a) A beginning day and concluding day for each year that are aligned with the beginning and end of the school year, respectively. These involve day trips organized by Adults, and are characterized by a proposal of age-appropriate Christian friendship that typically involves outdoor games, visits to sites significant for their history or beauty, and the celebration of Mass.

(b) Regular meetings of varying frequency, guided by Adults, intended as moments of recreation dedicated to games and conversation for the purpose of cultivating familiarity with Jesus Christ.

(c) “Promise”, an annual two-day trip, usually to a significant Christian landmark that can be easily reached by the participating groups from different locations, during which students promise or renew their promise to be faithful to their friendship with Jesus under the guidance and protection of a saint selected by each individual participant.

(d) Summer vacations which are privileged times to share free time together with games, singing, hikes, witnesses by those who live notable examples of Christian life, and common prayer, all under the responsible guidance of Adults.