University Students (CLU)

Responsible: Fr. Pietro Rossotti

Young People in College or University are offered the possibility of participating in the educational path of Communion and Liberation - University (“CLU”). The educational and pastoral activities offered by CL US through CLU are marked by the following proposals.

(a) A beginning day and concluding day for each year that are aligned with the beginning and end of the school year, respectively, and are characterized by shared time for recreation and conversations in assemblies, and concludes with the celebration of Mass.

(b) School of Community is a catechesis based on texts by Fr. Giussani, which is the Movement’s primary educational tool to develop one’s awareness and affection within the experience of having encountered the charism. It consists of a weekly/biweekly meeting freely convened by a group of people, usually set in a public place or workplace.

(c) Spiritual Exercises are a three-day retreat dedicated to communal prayer including the Liturgy of the Hours, listening to meditations proposed by the president of the Fraternity or a priest he delegates, daily Mass, individual and communal times for silence, and a time of assembly to share questions and experiences inspired by participation in the gesture.

(d) Summer/winter vacations are a short period of vacation in a place, preferably in the mountains, in lodgings featuring decent rooms and facilities that provide the highest possible amount of discretion for each person’s privacy, respecting the separation of genders and of different age groups. These are privileged times to share free time together, with games, singing, hikes, significant witnesses to Christian life, common prayer and daily Mass, all under the responsible guidance of Adults.

(e) Charitable work are a regular gesture to educate about the importance of charity, taking place under the responsible guidance of Adults, which requires faithful commitment of one’s free time without compromising one’s studies or taking away from time with family, to share with those in situations of need or poverty, as they arise, in the various places where CLU is present.