Common Fund

Common Fund
From the Movement’s beginnings, one of its most educative gestures has been the so-called “common fund.” This is a fund whose aim is the furthering of the Movement’s work through support of missionary, charitable, and cultural activities.

Everyone gives freely to this fund, contributing a percentage of income monthly. The purpose of this gesture is to witness to a communal concept of personal property ,to grow in awareness of poverty as an evangelical virtue, and to make a gesture of gratitude for what one experiences in the life of the Movement.

The amount each one gives is not important; what matters is the seriousness with which one fulfills this freely-made commitment.


Who contributes to the Common Fund?

Not only Fraternity members but all who are involved in the life of the Movement are invited to contribute to the Common Fund.

Why make a regular pledge rather than one-off donations?
The Movement’s expenses are sustained exclusively from the Common Fund donations of the people who participate. Your pledge allows us to forecast how much money will be available to respond to the needs of the communities around the country, which in turn allows every community, every region, and the nation as a whole to develop a budget.

What is the Common Fund used for?

The National Common Fund responds to the practical, charitable, and missionary needs of the communities in the United States. The activities of a community bring with them costs at the local, regional and national level (for example: renting rooms, organizing an event, travel expenses, translations and publications of Fr. Giussani’s works, etc.). Without economic means, communities would cease to exist. In addition, and more essentially, the Common Fund also provides for the needs of members in the community who are in financial difficulty.

Does my contribution go to my local school of community, or is it distributed for the needs of the movement nationwide?

All contributions to the Common Fund are distributed for the needs of communities throughout the United States. On the WeShare website, you will note that we ask for your region; this helps us track contributions.

How do I contribute to the Common Fund?

Click here to visit our page on WeShare. There you will see options to contribute to current gestures (such as the Way of the Cross or pilgrimages), as well as the main Common Fund link (Human Adventure Corporation). Under the main Common Fund link you can set the amount of your contribution, make it a recurring or one-time gift, and designate your home region.

If you need assistance, please contact Luigi Tanzi: ltanzi (at)


The essential elements of the life of the Movement in its fullness are the school of community, charitable work and the common fund. In “Religious Awareness in Modern Man,” Giussani writes, “the radical genius of a subject lies in the power of his awareness of belonging.” This awareness of belonging, this new self-awareness, is awakened through relations and gestures. Therefore, attention to all the elements is critical.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to participate.