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Brian Billion

Wounded by the Desire for Beauty


Here is an excerpt from the biography of Fr. Giussani proposed by the Colorado communities after hosting a piano concert celebrating the centenary of Fr. Giussani.

A Heart Full of Wondrous Love


Filled with a sense of freedom and belonging, Teresa shares what is happening in her life in Kansas.

The Grace To Belong


Caroline discovers a place and a people who help her to live her questions fully.

The Reawakening of My Heart


Having helped with the MedConference from its inception, Fedi is not spared the work of verifying that this place is necessary for her life.

“The Allegory of Good and Bad Government” by Ambrogio Lorenzetti

“Why Is This Risk Worth Taking?”


After a last minute candidacy in the latest Italian elections, Francesco shares his decision to run and the things he discovered in taking this risk.

Walking as One


Pilgrims from the US who traveled to Rome for the papal audience witness the communion generated by the faith of Fr. Giussani and cared for by Pope Francis.

Pope Francis

A Call That Resounds


Reflecting on his pilgrimage to Rome, Alessandro recalls the origin of his discovery of his vocation.

Friends from the US and Italy gather after the audience with Pope Francis

The Road to Rome


Some friends who traveled to Rome for the audience with Pope Francis share their experiences.

Fr. Giussani's tomb

A Unity We Do Not Create


Traveling alone from Alabama, Mandy finds herself among thousands of brothers and sisters, all united by the ‘yes’ of Fr. Giussani.

(Photo: Alez Perz/Unspash)

Florida: "A Companionship that Constitutes me"


Alberto has been visiting a convicted prisoner in Florida for several years. It is a story that dates back to a few years ago and that has changed his life. "The movement is not a ‘container’ where I go and take the things I know how to do…”

Participants listening to the Exhibit on Luigi Giussani

The Journey to the Truth


Janel shares her experience of giving a witness for the NYE exhibit on the life of Fr. Giussani