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Karina, a senior at Notre Dame, shares her experience of a summer trip with Wonder and the discoveries she made along the way.

A Look at the 2023 Oscars


Struck by two of the nominated films, Jonathan sees in both the theme of “discovering our eternal longing to recover our humanity.”

Br. Angelus and Br. Maximilian with friends from Communion and Liberation

A Joyful Humanity


“Our lives have become translucent to something completely new” – Francis describes his family’s experience of celebrating their friends’ final vows.

A History of Mercy


Br. Angelus reflects on his journey that led him to St. Benedict’s Abbey, and that accompanies him now.

Fr. Michael Carvill, John Cavadini, and John Zucchi

The True Frontier of Human Dignity

StoriesVincent Petruccelli

Fr. Michael Carvill, John Cavadini and John Zucchi discuss The Religious Sense at the 2023 New York Encounter.

The Story Rocks Tell Us


An exhibit on geology at the 2023 New York Encounter fills Ellynore with wonder and gratitude.

You Cannot Love What Shocks You


With the desire to go deep into the meaning of suffering, Stephanie reflects on the New York Encounter’s panel on the new book Cry of the Heart.

“An Unconditional Embrace”

StoriesAmy Sapenoff Hamm

The New York Encounter event introducing the newly translated book by Fr. Giussani, “The Miracle of Hospitality” shares three expressions of the same unconditional embrace.

“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich

Nietzsche’s Urge for the Truth


Stephen, curator of the New York Encounter exhibit on Friedrich Nietzsche, shares why knowing Nietzsche is helpful for understanding our American culture.

The Event of A People


Riro, one of the New York Encounter organizers, shares the work and the beauty of the New York Encounter and its 2023 theme.

Fr. Luigi Giussani

In the Heart of the Church


“Fr. Giussani has been for me the door by which I suddenly find myself in the very heart of the Church; a heart which is alive and is giving life.” A witness from Fr. Michael in Indiana.

"At Eternity's Gate" by Vincet Van Gogh

Saved from the Abyss


Matteo responds to a concerned mother, sharing the experience of rebirth he and his family have encountered in the Cenacolo community.

The Tenderness of His Presence


“I felt free to share everything with these new friends” – visiting her friend in Florida, Sofia rediscovers her need to discover Christ within a companionship in the flesh.

Pilgrimage for Peace


The Denver School of Community shares their judgment to propose a pilgrimage and what they discovered in light of this moment together.

Chicago: "A Chance to Risk my Whole Self"


A study program took Matteo to America for a few months with some classmates. Meeting the local CL community, daily life, and a friendship that day by day became more interesting.

A True Sign of Hope Among Us


Friends in California prepare moments for adults and kids to “discover the beauty of living the adventure of having a family.”

Herbert Boeckl, Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, Angel’s Chapel, Seckau Abbey, Styria, Austria, 1952-60

"Here I am, send me!"


Reflecting on her encounter with the Movement in light of the audience with Pope Francis, Elisabetta discovers what it means to live a life of mission in her circumstances.

A Wasteland No Longer


Returning to her old high school in Iowa for her first job, Lexi discovers how Christ makes “all things new.”