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My Italian Trip


“Tourists pass through places, but pilgrims let places pass through them, allowing their hearts to be changed.” – Rev. Peter J. Miano

GS: A Story of Friendship


Friends graduating high school reflect on their experience of GS (the high school experience of Communion and Liberation)

Hiking with Kasper


GS friends encounter the complexity of taking their wheelchair bound friend up the mountain during the summer vacation hike.

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“This” I Cannot Keep For Myself


Opening the windows as well as the door to share the place where they have discovered companionship with Christ, the Pittsburgh community begins inviting people to their small School of Community.

“Fishing Boats, Key West” by Winslow Homer

Into the Light


A simple outing at the art museum with their children leaves their hearts burning.

International Assembly of Responsibles 2023


In August, a group of people from the United States traveled to La Thuile, Italy for the annual International Meeting of Responsibles. Here some share their experience from the trip.

Shockingly Beautiful


Struck by the encounter with shocking beauty at the International Assembly of Responsibles in La Thuile, Bishop Mark from Chicago relates the memoir “A Severe Mercy” to what he encountered there.

CLU Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Champion


CL University students began the school year with a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Champion in Wisconsin and share with us what they discovered.

“Thank you, Mother Elvira”


Mother Elvira, founder of Comunità Cenacolo in 1983 to provide hope and healing to those suffering from addiction, died on August 3.

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Walking in Order to Discover


“We can't walk down the street and look at others' faces without feeling a yearning, a poignant desire to save them. It is within this yearning that one saves oneself.”

Fr. Giussani’s Time in Texas


Joseph visits St. Patrick’s parish in San Antonio, TX where Fr. Giussani lived during his time in Texas.

“Joan of Arc” by Jules Bastien-Lepage

Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc


“The story of Joan of Arc burned in Twain’s heart and mysteriously, 600 years after she lived, it burns in mine.”

Cry of the Heart


A presentation on Msgr. Albacete’s book on suffering shares his precious presence with new and old friends in St. Cloud, MN.

Pillars of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo Credit: Jesse Collins // Unsplash)

SCOTUS and Affirmative Action

StoriesAmy Hamm

Taking a look at the recent Court decision Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College.

Photo by Kathleen’s brother Steven

“Not on My Watch”


As the caregiver for her brother, Kathleen testifies to the Oregon State Senate regarding its “Death With Dignity” Act.