Stories - 2022 - Page 4

Vincent van Gogh, 'Houses at Auvers' (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

What makes a House a Home


Rossella experiences a newness in opening her home to friends, and thanks to this experience is learning that "how I can discover my own heart and that my life is important for what happens in the world."

The Little "Tenda"


Together with friends, Lucia organized a "Tenda" to help fundraise for #helpUkraine. She recounts how she rediscovered the meaning of charitable work.

'First Steps' by Jean-François Millet (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

It is not in my Hands


After seeing Carlo Acutis’ Eucharistic Exhibition, Eugenia finds herself full of questions and the desire to share what she has received: "When you receive so much and you are grateful for it, the only thing you can do is to share it with others. "

"Harmony in Red" by Henri Matisse (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Signs of His Prescence


Her father's illness and the decree of the Dicastery of the Laity. Silvia discovers signs of God's love in the midst of challenging circumstances. "My responsibility is to beg Him to show me signs of His Presence."

The evening watching the documentary on the APAC prison at My Father's House

On a Journey "Deep Down" Into The Human


His friendship with Jim, whom he met seven years ago, and the birth of a housing community for parolees. Lorenzo from Colorado recounts what he has experienced in recent months.