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Luca, a teacher in Gainesville, Florida

Florida: The Facts Before Our Eyes


Luca has been teaching in the United States for seven years. He recounts his life in recent times and his relationships with friends. It is an everyday life in which "Jesus happens, and He asks me to follow Him."

“The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil” by Claude Monet (detail)

Gleaming With Joy


Following what happened to her, Erin travels to the DC area to meet these friends in person.

"Justitia" by Raphael Morghen

Understanding Dobbs


An interview with Notre Dame law professor, Paolo Carozza, helps us understand the particulars of the Supreme Court Dobbs decision.

Photo: Unsplash/Victor Malyushev

"My Roses Are Blooming"


Rachelle recounts community life in North Carolina. In 2011 there were seven people, but at their last gathering there were more than 40 people. "What are You doing, Lord, that You have created this community out of practically nothing?"

"Annunciation with St. Margaret and St. Ansanus" by Simone Martini and Lippo Memmi

Welcoming Christ


Tecla shares her family's journey of fostering and the beauty she has discovered.

"Jesus and the People" (an icon of the synod)

The People of God


Participating in the Synodal process, Luca witnesses the presence of Christ that transforms everything.

Bloomington, Indiana (Photo: Aaron Shafer/Unsplash)

Sharing Life


After a period when many friends began to leave, new faces came to join Chevy and the community in Bloomington. She shares how she discovered the joy of sharing with others what she has met.

Rocky Mountains National Park

North America: "Because This is Where Youth Lives"


The Texas massacre, the media storm, the suffering of young people, and the hundred college students vacationing on the slopes of Longs Peak, Colorado. A professor speaks of the "hope in this world" that he saw in them.

We Have the Same Heart


Helping an Afghan family settle in the U.S., friends discover the real need they have in common.

"The Agony in the Garden" by Rembrandt

Evil Will Not Win


Laura shares her experience of following the Fraternity Exercises in the midst of a suffering world.

Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, TX (Photo by Jae C. Hong)

Hope in the Face of Tragedy


Facing the recent tragedies, Dawn reflects on her experience as a survivor of the Sandy Hook School shooting.

William Congdon, "Crucifix 46" © Archivio fotografico Museo Diocesano, Milano

A Communion That Carries Us


"Please give us the faith to be more certain of your Presence in the hardships of this world."

Smoky Mountains (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Master Is Here and He is Waiting for You


Friends from Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Jersey gathered in the Smokey Mountains to follow the Fraternity Exercises. Amid hikes and children, "we left filled with the certainty that the cabin was—and our friendship is—a place of belonging."

New York, 1986. Fr. Giussani visits the CL community (©Fraternità di CL)

Where Life Happens

StoriesAnna Leonardi

Vanessa's search from Silicon Valley to Italy to Los Angeles. And that day at Giussani’s funeral…”The experience I was having was enough for me to understand that the faith he was witnessing was something reasonable.” From February Tracce.

The Gaze of the Poor


Encountering the poor, Matteo discovers more of his own humanity.