The Face that Helps us to Enter into this Mystery - Flyers

The Face that Helps us to Enter into this Mystery

Communion and Liberation - Chile Flyer


After the violent earthquake that struck the country, our Chilean friends of the Movement sent us the following message

Dear friends, the earthquake that struck our country makes it even more evident that life is a mystery that does not belong to us. The natural beauty of our country arouses continually the question; “Who made it?” In the same way, faced with the enormity of this earthquake we feel small, impotent and frail. Then, another question arises: “What is the Lord asking of us through this circumstance?” Recently, in our companionship and in many witnesses, we have seen the transfigured face of Christ making himself knowable, and this experience helps us to enter into the mystery of the Cross. Without Christ, beauty would only produce sadness, and the drama would turn to tragedy, as Carrón said regarding the Haiti earthquake. So we are asked to pray for all those who suffer the consequences of this drama, and we have the duty to work so that the charity that we have received overflow into a concrete sharing of the needs of the Chilean people.

Communion and Liberation (Chile)

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