Elvira Parravicini

Elvira Parravicini Receives Evangelium Vitae Medal

The Evangelium Vitae Medal is a national award for heroes of the pro-life movement.

The deNicola Center for Ethics and Culture, a center at the University of Notre Dame which promotes “sharing the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition through teaching, research, and public engagement,” presented Elvira Parravicini with its Evangelium Vitae Medal on April 27. The Evangelium Vitae Medal recognizes exceptional work in the area of pro-life initiatives, and has been awarded to religious sisters, political activists, professors, and medical doctors who have worked tirelessly to care for unborn babies and their mothers.

Dr. Parravicini’s work as the founder of the Neonatal Comfort Care Program and professor of pediatrics at the Columbia University Medical Center has made a significant contribution to the conversation and care for the life and dignity of the human person at every stage. Her work focuses on the needs of families whose babies have received high-risk or life-threatening diseases before birth. O. Carter Snead, the director of the deNicola Center, commented, “In her life’s work providing state-of-the-art medical attention, holistic comfort care, and emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to families who receive life-limiting diagnoses, Dr. Parravicini has fought consistently, courageously, and with love to heal our vision of these children in the womb—to restore to them the dignity that is their due as icons of the living Christ.”

In her acceptance of the award, Dr. Parravicini commented, “As I always say to parents when I meet them prenatally, my mission is to save your baby’s life, but no matter what, I am walking with your baby, you, and your family. I will not abandon you, and I will make sure that we walk together towards your baby’s destiny.”

Read Dr. Parravicini’s reflections for the CL USA website on the life of Indi Gregory here, and watch Notre Dame’s YouTube profile highlighting her work: