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Traces (Tracce)

Traces is the English version of Tracce - Litterae Communionis, the international magazine of Communion and Liberation. This magazine (which, although it is not distributed through newsstands, is the second Catholic monthly in Italy as per its circulation) expresses the point of view and the life of the movement.

Tracce is available in nine editions: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, French, Brazilian, Russian, and, now and then, even in Japanese.

In its pages there are articles and reports from various areas around the world (as a matter of fact, the Movement is present in 80 countries on the inhabited continents), reports and investigations about politics, culture, and ecclesial topics, stories regarding social and charitable experiences, texts born from the charism of the Movement. 

This magazine has never been simply a house-organ of one group. Due to the ecumenical nature of the Movement, the magazine is a tool to communicate and dialogue with anybody. Its subjects show a “lay” position that intrigues many observers, including unbelievers. Journalists and scholars of different origin collaborate with Tracce.

Tracce, Traces (the English version) and Huellas (the Spanish version) are also available on iPad. If you download the application from the App Store you can read and glance through the articles, make searches through the texts, read the in-depth sections on the website, and receive the magazine in real time.

The magazine’s main website is; every day new articles add to and supplement the magazine’s contents.

The website of Traces is:

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