Fraternity of St. Joseph - The Fecundity of the Charism

Fraternity of St. Joseph

The Fraternity of St. Joseph, born within the charism of Farther Luigi Giussani, is made up of people who decide to dedicate their life totally and definitively to Christ in virginity, that is, according to the Evangelical Counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
The members implement this commitment remaining in their own circumstances of personal and professional life, knowing that “Baptism and Confirmation may be sufficient to establish a total dedication to Christ and the Church” (interview with Luigi Giussani, in “30 Days”, 1989, No. 5, pages 56-62).

Because of its special nature, this vocational companionship strives to achieve “a more ready, comprehensive and effective penetration of the Body of Christ into the normal fabric of the life of the Church” (Luigi Giussani’s speech to the Fraternity of St. Joseph, August 1995).
The vocational journey is constituted by the memory of Christ, which is kept alive by recurrent communal moments (meetings, retreats, exercises) and by the perseverance in personal prayer and the sacraments.

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