Gestures and Tools - A Movement in the Church

Gestures and Tools

The structure of the CL movement is elastic by nature. There is no form of membership, but only the free participation of people. The community groups arise naturally in the environments where life takes place every day (school, work, neighborhood), and gather to do the school of community and to share daily life.

Since CL is conceived as a “company led to Destiny,” each group of the Movement refers to “diakonias,” that is, groups of leaders available to be at the service of the community. They indicate the path to follow, in communion with the whole Movement and its ultimate guide, that is, the General Council chaired by Father Julián Carrón. Periodically, the Assembly of the Responsibles takes place, which includes Italian and foreign leaders for every sphere in which the Movement works.

Depending on the spheres where CL is present, the groups have particular names that define them. In the high school level the reality of CL is called Gioventù Studentesca (GS - Student Youth); in universities: Communion and Liberation University Students (CLU); those who entered the world of work are part of the Adults and Youth Workers (CLL).

Still, teachers and those engaged in education come together under the name of Communion and Liberation Educators (CLE). Recently, even in middle schools different groups of students have formed, on the initiative of some teachers, who come together under the name of “The Grail.” Finally, some priests who want to “live a total belonging to the charism as a more aware service to the Church as a whole:” among them, those who gather as Studium Christi.

As the participation in the Movement is absolutely free and responsible, in the same way those who lead CL freely propose gestures that aim to educate the individual and the community to faith and to the rediscovery of their own humanity.

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