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The Fraternity of CL

Among those born by the Movement, this is the most representative group of the charism given to Father Giussani. The Fraternity of CL is a universal Association of believers recognized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity on February 11, 1982. These are adults who freely commit themselves to live following Christ and the Church according to the method provided by the founder.

In the letter sent to Father Giussani in the twentieth anniversary of its recognition, John Paul II summarized in these words the purpose of the fraternity: “In reviewing the life and actions of the Fraternity and of the Movement, the first impressive feature is the ability to listen to the needs of human beings today. The human person never stops seeking. (...) Therefore the Movement wanted and wants to point out not a way but the way to arrive at the solution of this existential drama. The way, as you have said so often, is Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life who reaches the person in his daily existence. The discovery of this way usually takes place through the mediation of other human beings. Identified through the gift of faith by the encounter with the Redeemer, believers are called to become an echo of the event of Christ, to become themselves an ‘event’.”

By the mid-seventies some CL members, having completed their university studies, wanted to deepen, following the charism of CL, their belonging to the Church within the conditions of adult life, to grow and become mature Christian personalities. As John Paul II said in 1998 during the Meeting with the Ecclesial Movements in St. Peter’s Square: “Thus we see an urgent need for powerful proclamation and solid, in-depth Christian formation. There is so much need today for mature Christian personalities, conscious of their baptismal identity, of their vocation and mission in the Church and in the world!” This is the reason why the fraternity exists.

Founded by Father Giussani and chaired by him until his death, the Fraternity is currently led by Father Julián Carrón, elected president on March 19, 2005 by the Central Diakonia as the successor of the founder; on March 8, 2008, having his mandate come to an end, the Central Diakonia has renewed his appointment as President of the Fraternity for the next six years.
Today, the Fraternity groups - spread all over the world – count about 65,000 adults, engaged in their path to holiness, which they recognize as the purpose of existence and of their mutual friendship.

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