“The Flowering Orchard” by Vincent van Gogh (detail)

Something Unexpected

Friends in Connecticut gather together the small communities throughout the state.

This summer my family and I moved to Greenwich, CT after living for fifteen years in New York City.

As soon as we moved to Connecticut I realized that I only knew a few people from Communion and Liberation here. A desire to know the people of the Movement in Connecticut grew in me and I shared this desire with two friends who attend the School of Community in New Haven, CT and with another friend who attends the School of Community in Newtown, CT. These friends shared my desire especially when we realized most of the people in those two Schools of Community did not know each other.

My friends and I decided to propose to the Schools of Community in CT a fraternal gathering in Bridgewater on Sunday, October 30. We went to mass together and then we went to a beautiful religious home immersed in nature where we had lunch together. This fraternal gathering helped me to understand not to be afraid of my desire but to take it seriously and to keep it alive because He always responds to the desires of our heart!

I also rediscovered the value of the community. The relationship with Christ demands belonging to the community where one recognizes that we have the Person of Jesus in common. Otherwise, we run the risk of the Christian experience becoming a personalistic and intimistic experience. I went back home after that time together with the awareness that I need a community and I can belong to this Christian community even in a state like Connecticut where we are all very spread out. I am not alone in my daily life even if I do not live close to anyone of the Movement because I belong to a community of friends who share my same encounter with Christ.

Silvia, Greenwich, CT