A Journey to Discover the Beauty of Marriage

Mariane from Montreal shares her experience of The Jeweler’s Shop workshop.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we joined some Americans on Zoom for The Jeweler’s Shop workshop organized by people (who have now become dear friends!) in Spain. We trusted the judgment of a friend from Canada, Martine, who trusted Spanish friends Laurent and Samantha, that this journey to discover the beauty of marriage would be for us.

Two years later, we decided to gather, this time in person, with local friends from our fraternity to pursue this work on the depth of our union as husband and wife because we have not found such a beautiful proposal for our vocation anywhere else. A good marriage is not good enough. We want more because our friends who walked this path before us assure us that this ‘more’ is possible. There is still more beauty to be discovered if we want to do the work. As Fr. Giussani showed us the path, giving us a method to encounter Christ, so our Spanish friends are there for us. These lessons were totally unexpected, yet deeply attractive. Something so attractive that we all want to share it.

Deciding to deepen our understanding of our commitment to our spouse is not inventing anything. We simply feel the attraction and the need to unravel more of what it means that Christian marriage is a sacrament, a gift from God, by looking inwards, with our friends, to what resonated within us in the Jeweler’s Shop… in a nutshell, everything! What does it mean to live our vocation as a married couple according to the plan of God? What an incredible question to ask with your spouse and with your friends!

This is an opportunity that cannot be wasted. I was helped to remember the gaze I used to have on my husband. Of course, four adult children later, sickness, parents passing, work, etc., our reality has evolved and this time has proven to my husband and I that keeping our eyes on Christ is the answer to everything. There is so much more to discover.

In January we are beginning a new series of The Jeweler’s Shop workshop and inviting all of our friends who are interested to join us. If you would like to participate in the next series of meetings for The Jeweler’s Shop please email thejewelersshop2023@gmail.com to reserve your spot by December 16, 2022.

Mariane, Montreal, Canada