New York Encounter 2023

February 17-19, 2023: Who am I that you care for me?

It’s clear now. Two years of pandemic have shown us that the image of the self-sufficient, autonomous individual cannot stand up to the growing lack of motivation and the epidemic of loneliness, mental illness, gun violence. Likewise, the new paradigm of diversity, equity, and inclusion seems inadequate to respond to the concrete problems of division, injustice, and estrangement. Intriguing phenomena have appeared: the “great resignation,” the rise of influencers, the spread of cryptocurrencies, the metaverse. And then the specter of inflation and recession. Lastly, the war in Ukraine has taken us by surprise. Its images of unspeakable violence have reminded us of the mysterious existence of evil, and of our radical inability to deal with it, either as victims or perpetrators. See more at the New York Encounter website here.