GS: Summer reading

One of the books proposed to GS students for summer reading is Miguel Mañara by Oscar V. Milosz. To perceive again what is at stake in life.

The book that gathers the contents of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (April 16-18, 2021) is now available

Is There Hope? The Fascination of the Discovery

In this volume, the president of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation addresses one of the most widespread questions of this time dominated by uncertainty: "Is there hope?" The impact with the harshness of reality has brought out everyone’s human need. Even in these dramatic times, perhaps even more so, our hearts are not satisfied by partial answers and cry out for something that truly lives up to the challenge.
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Traces, N.7, July/August 2021

What remains?

The present is the only thing we have. The paradox is that precisely because we have it, we feel this inexhaustible tension to try to live it, to be present in the present. It is never entirely full and for this reason it catalyzes in us a continual flight forward.

Will we learn anything?

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Notes from School of Community with Father Julián Carrón

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June 16, 2021

Awards for the best theses on Fr. Giussani

The Fraternity of CL will grant two awards for theses that help promote the knowledge of the founder's work. Those who are finishing a Master's degree or doctorate can apply.

The Radiance in your eyes

Fr. Julián Carrón’s latest book, The radiance in your eyes – What saves us from nothingness?, is now available online. “An itinerary rooted in an experience and a history, and thus offers a contribution to the search and expectancy of everyone.”

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The book is also available on Amazon and other book sellers as a printed book at $8 per single copy. Communities can order multiple copies directly from Human Adventure Books at $5 per copy for orders of 5 or more. To order from Human Adventure Books please contact Merrilyn Sikora at

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