What are you looking for? - Julián Carrón

What are you looking for?

Julián Carrón Traces

10/24/2014 - Notes from the talk by Fr. Julián Carrón at the GS Beginning Day
Milan, October 12, 2014

"Every morning, each of us resumes the road of life; we wake up to the interior turmoil of our unease and our worries about what we have to do that day. But there is something that precedes us. There is Someone who already thought about us before we woke up and who addresses Himself to our “I” just as it is, with all its
worries, with all that churns within, to tell it: “You are not alone.” Someone who gives us the announcement heard by that girl two thousand years ago in Nazareth. Today, like then, each of us is in front of this announcement."

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