Christmas Appeal 2013

Fr. Jose Medina

Last week, while visiting the communities in the Southwest, I met and elderly gentleman who described the difference between before and after his encounter with Communion and Liberation as follows: “It’s like listening to Beethoven’s 5th on an old radio. When the only thing you know is that old radio, you don’t mind the noise. It is not great, but you don’t know better. But once you have heard the symphony on a fantastic stereo system, you cannot go back to the old radio. Once you have experienced it, you cannot go back.”

In my travels of the past few months, I have heard similar stories from multiple people, people of different ages and walks of life, in the Midwest and in Northern California. These people have found, somehow fortuitously, the pearl the Gospel of Matthew speaks about; with it, a new perspective on life has been introduced—one that has shifted their way of thinking about time, money, work, and living. Ultimately, I can confidently say that I have seen many miracles. I call them miracles because they are not the result of a program or initiative, and the changes in people’s lives go beyond their capacity or imagination. I have seen His glory.

Listening to the myriad witnesses has also helped me to renew my understanding o the purpose of the CL office to serve as Mary’s midwife; that is, to let it be known that the pearl, the Word, is flesh and has a dwelling among us. The purpose of the CL office is to encourage the birth of dwellings around the country and the world and to witness to the glory we see: dwellings where people can be touched by His gaze; changed by His presence.

As you plan Christmas gifts for all those you love, think of us. Keep in mind that many companies have a gift matching program to nonprofits such as ours. All our endeavors are made possible by people like you who through donations of as little as $25 or as large as $15,000 support our work. Your gift will be used to let everyone know that the One who fills man’s desire for peace and joy is here today, in the flesh, in a town near you, within a group of people who may not seem like much but who grasp that pearl with tender tenacity.

Donation can be made by check payable to the Human Adventure Corporation. Please note in the memo that the funds are to be allocated for the Christmas Appeal. You can also donate online by clicking here. I hope you consider supporting us for the coming year in your response to this annual Christmas Appeal. Gratefully, and with my best wishes for a blessed Advent season.


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