Migrants: "Educating to Welcome is Possible"

Lampedusa, the arrival of boats, the deaths at sea… and the Pope's speech in Marseilles. Oliviero Forti, head of migration policies at Caritas, speaks: "Humanitarian corridors, an educational model of charity."

Fraternity Exercises 2023

The booklet and introduction of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, 2023.

GS: A Story of Friendship

Friends graduating high school reflect on their experience of GS (the high school experience of Communion and Liberation)

On a Friday in January the school day ended with a unique twist. Several seniors who weren’t all that close and many underclassmen we knew even less piled into a van and various other vehicles. We departed for a long trip up to the Poconos for the GS vaca...


Hiking with Kasper

GS friends encounter the complexity of taking their wheelchair bound friend up the mountain during the summer vacation hike.

This past June we had our GS Summer Vacation. For this vacation we had a friend of ours with us named Kasper who is bound to a wheelchair. There were many obstacles to figure out through the entire vacation so that he could enjoy the vacation and feel com...

Photo by Jaime Casap // Unsplash

“This” I Cannot Keep For Myself

Opening the windows as well as the door to share the place where they have discovered companionship with Christ, the Pittsburgh community begins inviting people to their small School of Community.

It’s been an interesting year in Pittsburgh, PA. Our school of community started meeting again in person thanks to the multiple generous entities at a parish who were willing to host our meeting. These include a capuchin friary attached to the parish...

“Fishing Boats, Key West” by Winslow Homer

Into the Light

A simple outing at the art museum with their children leaves their hearts burning.

“American watercolors, 1880-1990, Into the Light”, the title of an exhibit at the Harvard Art Museum, caught my eye earlier this summer because I knew my friend Laura loved watercolors. I asked her and a few other friends if they wanted to go together to ...


International Assembly of Responsibles 2023

In August, a group of people from the United States traveled to La Thuile, Italy for the annual International Meeting of Responsibles. Here some share their experience from the trip.

This year, upon my arrival in La Thuile, I checked in and went directly to my room to drop off my bag. My roommate was already there. “Hi I’m Lorenzo and I live in Denver, Colorado.” “Nice to meet you. I’m Simone and I live in Moscow, Russia.” Moscow? Ho...


Shockingly Beautiful

Struck by the encounter with shocking beauty at the International Assembly of Responsibles in La Thuile, Bishop Mark from Chicago relates the memoir “A Severe Mercy” to what he encountered there.

It was nostalgia that tricked me into reading all of Sheldon Vanauken's A Severe Mercy. The book begins with a midnight expedition to a vantage point where the widowed Vanauken can contemplate a certain country house shining in the moonlight. The house co...


CLU Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Champion

CL University students began the school year with a pilgrimage to Our Lady of Champion in Wisconsin and share with us what they discovered.

Noise filled my mind though we walked in silence. I couldn’t stay focused. The harder I tried, the more distracted I became. I carried with me a list of intentions a mile long but I couldn’t quiet my heart enough to even think of one. I couldn’t wait for ...


“Thank you, Mother Elvira”

Mother Elvira, founder of Comunità Cenacolo in 1983 to provide hope and healing to those suffering from addiction, died on August 3.

“Thinking back to Mother Elvira, I have always seen her as a person who has been able to believe in me since the beginning of my community journey. I have always felt loved when no one believed in me anymore, I was sad and lifeless. Through the community ...

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Walking in Order to Discover

“We can't walk down the street and look at others' faces without feeling a yearning, a poignant desire to save them. It is within this yearning that one saves oneself.”

I decided to go on the Pilgrimage after the CL university student vacation in Colorado because I was deeply touched by the people I met there and the friendships I formed. We arrived in Mishicot on August 11th, and it was exciting to reunite with friends...


The Unity of Christ Dead and Risen

“It is not our experiences that build unity, but rather unity that is the foundation for our experiences.”

During a long weekend in July, the upper Midwest held our annual “family vacation” in Western Wisconsin, which drew people from across the region, and from outside it as well. On the surface, it looked like any other vacation we’ve taken there in years pa...

Unsplash // OC Gonzalez

Upper Midwest Family Vacation

Derian and Rebecca share their experience of their CL family vacation.

Fr. Giussani’s Time in Texas

Joseph visits St. Patrick’s parish in San Antonio, TX where Fr. Giussani lived during his time in Texas.

In the summer of 1965, Fr. Giussani traveled to the United States to study the methods that American parishes used to teach catechism. Even in a moment of overexertion and facing recurring liver and gallbladder issues at the time, Giussani made the trip ...

“Joan of Arc” by Jules Bastien-Lepage

Mark Twain’s Joan of Arc

“The story of Joan of Arc burned in Twain’s heart and mysteriously, 600 years after she lived, it burns in mine.”

A few months back I stumbled on Mark Twain’s book, Joan of Arc. I decided to read it since I couldn’t find the book I was looking for in the first place. An unusual thing happened to me at the very end — I wept. Even before I was very deep into it I had a...


Cry of the Heart

A presentation on Msgr. Albacete’s book on suffering shares his precious presence with new and old friends in St. Cloud, MN.

A book presentation, let’s say it, can be a boring thing. Words are words, whether they are spoken or written, and they convey what they can – even the Word itself became flesh, became an event to touch people’s hearts and change their existence to the po...

Longing Is the Wisdom of Blood

In honor of the 59th anniversary of the death of Flannery O'Connor (08.03.2023)
Pillars of the Supreme Court of the United States (Photo Credit: Jesse Collins // Unsplash)

SCOTUS and Affirmative Action

Taking a look at the recent Court decision Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College.

On June 29, 2023, the United States Supreme Court released its decision in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard College. In an opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Court ruled that the admissions programs at H...


The Noblest Time of the Year

At the vacation, Maddie sees a way of living where you always discover something interesting.

The most shocking thing to me about the Mountains and Plains family vacation this year was that although many things were different than last year, I walked away with the same new desire for my life: I don’t want to be old, boring, and uninterested. I wan...


“We Acknowledge Your Presence, Lord”

Meeting a Presence which draws attention to each other’s needs, Paul returns home with a new desire.

Last month, I attended my first Communion and Liberation Vacation with the Lower Midwest Region. I had previously experienced many other gestures of the Movement but had never been able to go on vacation because my region’s vacation time had not matched m...

Photo by Kathleen’s brother Steven

“Not on My Watch”

As the caregiver for her brother, Kathleen testifies to the Oregon State Senate regarding its “Death With Dignity” Act.

I met Communion and Liberation in Portland. It was what I had been looking for ever since I had entered the Catholic Church from my Protestant upbringing – a place where I could share the faith in community. I have always loved to sing and my job is to le...

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Do Not Be Hopeless

Dulce, a physician specializing in geriatrics and palliative medicine at Johns Hopkins, shares her experience of facing the problem of Physician Assisted Suicide.

In January I went to St. Jane de Chantal parrish with a friend to a talk about the bill that is being considered by Maryland legislators to legalize physician assisted suicide (PAS, defined as the act of a clinician to prescribe a lethal medication for th...

Why is Life Good?

An interview on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.