Cesena (Photo: Giacomo Bellavista)

Flooding: Signs of Hope for Life

Davide Prosperi's letter to "Corriere della Sera," after visiting communities in Emilia-Romagna.
Florence and Obote Milton

Uganda: Florence's Three Prayers

She is one of "Rose's women." Her and Obote Milton were to be married in a church 20 years after their marriage in a tribal ceremony. Two weeks before the wedding he was killed. Their story and her words at his funeral.
Photo: Unsplash/Brandi Alexandra

"Why are men so afraid?"

Simone’s witness of his time with the sisters of Mother Teresa sheds a new light on the cultural phenomenon of fearing each other that is spreading across the US.

“Increasingly, it is not safe to be in public, to be human, to be fallible.” This is how the New York Times article “Making People Uncomfortable Can Now Get You Killed” that a friend recently shared with me begins. The author cites examples of people simp...


Something that Comes Before

Friends from across the Southeast gather in South Carolina for a diaconia, helping each other to judge with a more human criteria.

Over the weekend of April 22-23, the Southeast Diaconia was held at St. Christopher’s Retreat Center in Seabrook, South Carolina. Preparing for this moment together, we recognized the need to make it more feasible for people with families to attend, so we...


To Grow in Love for God and Others

Inviting the NYC CL community to present an exhibit on Fr. Giussani at his parish, Don Luigi shares what this experience was for him and for his parish community.

I had just arrived in New York a few weeks before and, at the invitation of friends of Communion and Liberation, I took part in the New York Encounter. Among the various exhibitions, I was very struck by the one dedicated to the Servant of God Fr. Luigi G...

Photo By Muhannad Ghannam  // Unsplash

Serving in Aleppo

CLU students spoke with Giacomo Pizzi to learn more about his work for Pro Terra Sancta in Aleppo.

On Sunday, April 2, the Communion and Liberation University students had a Zoom call with Giacomo Pizzi. Giacomo works for the association Pro Terra Sancta, supporting the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. After living for three years in Jerusalem, he ...

Los Angeles Union Station // Photo by Kyle Glenn // Unsplash

Visiting the World Issues Class in Portland

Patrick and Nancy share their experience of speaking to high school students in Portland.

I teach a high school class called “World Issues”, but without a lot of care that topic can become highly abstract. In order to prevent that, I try to invite visitors to class whose work directly addresses various issues in the world: homelessness, work, ...

Dr. Michael Hanby, Dr. Michele Averchi, and Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan discuss <em>The Religious Sense</em> at Catholic University of America

At The Heart of Man

CLU students in Washington, DC host a panel discussion on The Religious Sense.
Fr. Branson baptizing Alvin during the 2023 Easter Vigil

“It Was 3:59”

Traveling to Atlanta for work, Steve meets the CL community and Alvin, who shared with him the specific moment when he “first bumped into Christ”.

I had to travel to Atlanta for a conference at the end of February and had the wonderful opportunity of spending Tuesday evening with the Atlanta community, consisting of several adults living and working in the greater metropolitan area, several priests ...

Marco, Davide and Marco at the 2023 Spiritual Exercises in Chicago, IL

A Path of Faith

Marco recounts his encounter with CL and his recent step to enroll in the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

I am 56 years old and grew up in Verona, Italy in a very devout Catholic family. Growing up, I received all the sacraments but never lived my faith seriously. I met Communion and Liberation for the first time in 1998 when I relocated for work in the US...

South Wall Tapestry from the “Communion of Saints Tapestries” by John Nava at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles, California

The Value of Diversity

Provoked by the New York Encounter dialogue on diversity, some friends continued the conversation in the following months and share here their attempt to judge DEI.

In recent years, the push to promote and/or enforce diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has gained momentum in public discourse, academic milieus, and corporate environments. DEI has also been highly politicized: an initiative aimed at fostering accept...

Photo by Diego PH / Unsplash

Beauty at Work

An interview with Brandon Vaidyanathan about his “Beauty at Work” podcast.

Easter Capture-the-Flag

The witness of an Easter celebration that “announces and shows the beauty of His friendship in our lives”.

For over 10 years we have been gathering in a park around Indianapolis to celebrate Easter with all the friends, old and new, that do not have a local family to go to. Some of our kids who were toddlers at the beginning are now highschoolers. Other famili...

Way of the Cross in Denver, CO (Photo Credit: Jason Smith)

The Way of the Cross Around America

Communities throughout the country gathered on Good Friday to witness to the Event that saves.

My first experience of the Way of the Cross was deeply moving and impactful. As we silently walked from station to station, I couldn’t help but think of Mary. I thought of her face and I contemplated her agony. In those moments, it felt like her pain tran...

Bishop Fernandes washing feet at a prison on Holy Thursday (Photo by Ken Snow)

Christ Sets Us Free

“The gaze of love can be transformative. It is Christ who breaks the prison bars and sets us free.” Bishop Earl of Columbus reflects on the Resurrection in light of his recent experience.

The Easter Vigil Liturgy begins with the singing of the Exsultet, which contains these words: “Be glad, let earth be glad, as glory floods her, ablaze with light from her eternal King, let all corners of the earth be glad, knowing an end to gloom and dark...

C.D. Friedrich, EASTER MORNING (c.1828-1835), Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid. (© Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza/Scala, Firenze)

The Tradition of the Easter Poster

“The posters serve a pedagogical purpose and, in fact, some of them can form us in ways that we only see, understand, and verify in time.”

The tradition of the Easter poster was introduced by the Movement in 1982. Since 1997, Communion and Liberation has also been printing and distributing Christmas posters. Some forty years later, they have become a part of the canon of Communion and Libera...

A New Dawn

A morning full of hope, a path ahead: Friedrich's painting “Easter Morning” on the CL Easter poster. Luca Doninelli discusses the painting in the April issue of Tracce.

Enzo Piccinini: Surgeon, Son, Father, Friend

A month after the New York Encounter, curators of the exhibit on Enzo Piccinini share their experience of this work they did together.

“We did so little to make this happen, but there’s been so much that’s been generated from this.” Luke, one of our teammates and friends who worked on the exhibit for the New York Encounter – Enzo Piccinini: Surgeon, Son, Father, Friend – began his judgme...



Karina, a senior at Notre Dame, shares her experience of a summer trip with Wonder and the discoveries she made along the way.

Wonder is an experience that opens one up to the possibility of experiencing themselves, others, and God more fully. Wonder is “an experiential learning program for participants to encounter nature and people through awe, surprise, and beauty”, hosting di...


A Look at the 2023 Oscars

Struck by two of the nominated films, Jonathan sees in both the theme of “discovering our eternal longing to recover our humanity.”

When Michelle Yeoh, the star of Everything Everywhere All at Once and the winner of seven Academy Awards, was interviewed on the “champagne carpet” she mentioned that what drew her to the script was the homage it gives to moms as superheroes, as her chara...

“St. George and the Dragon” by Raphael

The Beauty Before our eyes

A Knights group is born in Boston; Andre shares what is happening.