Prosperi's Letter after his Private Audience with Pope Francis

On Friday, January 13, the President of the Fraternity of CL was received by the Holy Father. Prosperi's message to the entire movement after the meeting with Francis.
“The Blind Man” by Pablo Picasso

Saved from the Abyss

Matteo responds to a concerned mother, sharing the experience of rebirth he and his family have encountered in the Cenacolo community.

Not long ago I happened to read the desperate cry of a mother in an article published in the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. This mother was hopeless as her son had fallen into drug use, becoming dangerous to himself and his family. After many atte...


The Tenderness of His Presence

“I felt free to share everything with these new friends” – visiting her friend in Florida, Sofia rediscovers her need to discover Christ within a companionship in the flesh.

I recently spent several weeks in Florida visiting a dear friend, Jess. During our rich days together I got to know many of her own friends — in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Port St Lucie and West Palm Beach — about whom I have known for a long time, both bec...


Pilgrimage for Peace

The Denver School of Community shares their judgment to propose a pilgrimage and what they discovered in light of this moment together.

Recently we met for a School of Community centered on a simple question: how do we accept the invitation that the Pope made to us in St. Peter’s Square on October 15 to accompany him in the “prophecy for peace”? At the end of two months of working on the ...

The members of the diocesan tribunal (Photo: Paolo Gianferrari)

Piccinini: Diocesan Inquiry Initiated

On Saturday, December 10 the first phase of Enzo Piccinini’s cause for beatification began. The tribunal presided over by the bishop has been established. Here are the words of Davide Prosperi and those of Monsignor Erio Castellucci.

Chicago: "A Chance to Risk my Whole Self"

A study program took Matteo to America for a few months with some classmates. Meeting the local CL community, daily life, and a friendship that day by day became more interesting.


A True Sign of Hope Among Us

Friends in California prepare moments for adults and kids to “discover the beauty of living the adventure of having a family.”

My family has lived in Los Angeles since 2016. We have always looked for other families to walk with and through the years we joined several “Family Groups”. Through these groups, we have found great friends that helped (and still help) us with our vocati...

"High Tide" by Winslow Homer

The Search for True Friendship

A student who participates in GS in Boston shares her experience.
Herbert Boeckl, Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, Angel’s Chapel, Seckau Abbey, Styria, Austria, 1952-60

"Here I am, send me!"

Reflecting on her encounter with the Movement in light of the audience with Pope Francis, Elisabetta discovers what it means to live a life of mission in her circumstances.

I followed the event of the audience with Pope Francis with the community in Northern California where I had gone on a “grandmother mission” to spend time with my first granddaughter, my daughter in law, and my son. I had met their community only a few ti...


A Wasteland No Longer

Returning to her old high school in Iowa for her first job, Lexi discovers how Christ makes “all things new.”

I first met the Movement just over four years ago while I was in college in Kansas - within the span of a month I had met a few friends, a Greek tutor, and a wild new professor who all seemed to be speaking about their lives and our studies in a way I had...

Benedict XVI on the opening day of the Year of Faith, October 11, 2012 (Catholic Press Photo)
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Benedict XVI: "My Spiritual Testament"

"Jesus Christ is truly the Way, the Truth, and the Life - and the Church, in all her shortcomings, is truly His Body." The words of the Pope Emeritus released by the Holy See.

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Benedict XVI: "A True Giant of Faith"

"He was an authentic father of the Church and also a devoted father of every man and woman of this age. Even in sorrow, we are immensely grateful to God for having given us a friend and a guide on our path like him." Davide Prosperi's statement

Photograph by Giulietta Riboldi

The Possibility of Peace in Life

Jonathan shares his experience of gathering with his friends in Times Square to respond to Pope Francis' invitation to accompany him in the prophecy for peace.

"I invite you to accompany me in the prophecy for peace – Christ, Lord of peace! The increasingly violent and belligerent world really frightens me; I tell you truly, it frightens me" (Francis, Audience with Communion and Liberation, October 15, 2022). ...


The Joy of Working and Building Lives

After the recent audience with Pope Francis, the co-founders of Los Angeles Habilitation House (LAHH) share what they have lived these fifteen years.

This year is the 15th anniversary for Los Angeles Habilitation House (LAHH), a small nonprofit in Long Beach, CA. If not for the generosity of a few Italian friends from the movement during a global recession, there might not be this story to tell at all....

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Benedict XVI, Humble Worker in the Vineyard of the Lord

The Pope Emeritus died on the morning of December 31 at 9:34 a.m. We repropose here his inaugural homily and his last General Audience after his resignation in 2013.

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Ratzinger: Homily at Giussani's Funeral

The the Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's homily at the funeral of the founder of Fr. Giussani (Milan Cathedral, Feb. 24, 2005)

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Wherever We Fall, We Fall into His Hands"

"A Memor Domini, a person who lives in remembrance of the Lord, brings me peace [...] Precisely where no one can accompany us, God, our Life, waits for us." We re-publish Benedict XVI's message for the death of Manuela Camagni.

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The Feast of Simplicity and of a Child

"Christmas is that Event that everyone awaits: freeing oneself from self-determination in order to discover oneself determine– that is, affirmed, loved." Davide Prosperi's letter to the Corriere della Sera on December 24.


The Prophecy Of Peace In Times Square

70 people gathered in Manhattan's famous square to respond to Pope Francis' invitation. Christmas carols and readings of excerpts by the Pope and Fr. Giussani amid the Saturday afternoon crowds. CBS News also covered the event.

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Fr. Giussani - The podcast on The Religious Sense

Il senso religioso is a thirteen episode podcast: it covers the contents of Fr. Luigi Giussani's famous book through his own voice for the first time, recorded during cycles of lectures for university students held in Milan between 1978 and 1985.