Easter 2023. The videoposter

The words of Pope Francis and Fr. Giussani accompany a canvas by Caspar David Friedrich this year, "Easter Morning".

A Look at the 2023 Oscars

Struck by two of the nominated films, Jonathan sees in both the theme of “discovering our eternal longing to recover our humanity.”

When Michelle Yeoh, the star of Everything Everywhere All at Once and the winner of seven Academy Awards, was interviewed on the “champagne carpet” she mentioned that what drew her to the script was the homage it gives to moms as superheroes, as her chara...

“St. George and the Dragon” by Raphael

The Beauty Before our eyes

A Knights group is born in Boston; Andre shares what is happening.
Br. Angelus and Br. Maximilian with friends from Communion and Liberation

A Joyful Humanity

“Our lives have become translucent to something completely new” – Francis describes his family’s experience of celebrating their friends’ final vows.

I went to a sound check on Friday night with my sister Teresa; I was full of what ifs, uncertainty, and skepticism. Is this going to go well? Isn’t it all sort of crazy? Aren’t we going to make fools of ourselves? The occasion for the sound check was that...


A History of Mercy

Br. Angelus reflects on his journey that led him to St. Benedict’s Abbey, and that accompanies him now.

Last December, on the memorial of Our Lady of Loreto (December 10th), along with my brother monk, Br. Maximilian Mary, I professed solemn, life-long vows of obedience, stability, and conversion of life as a Benedictine monk of St. Benedict’s Abbey in Atch...

Fr. Michael Carvill, John Cavadini, and John Zucchi

The True Frontier of Human Dignity

Fr. Michael Carvill, John Cavadini and John Zucchi discuss The Religious Sense at the 2023 New York Encounter.

“I always think of going down to collect the mail. Looking at the pile of envelopes, there is a little expectation: might there be a letter there that changes everything?” It is a surprising example to use for such a weighty topic as the religious sense, ...


The Story Rocks Tell Us

An exhibit on geology at the 2023 New York Encounter fills Ellynore with wonder and gratitude.

At the New York Encounter, I discovered that the wonder and vertigo I sometimes feel looking up at the stars can be experienced looking around at the ground, beneath and below. A rock can “tell the story of an event”. I looked at the image of a fairly un...


You Cannot Love What Shocks You

With the desire to go deep into the meaning of suffering, Stephanie reflects on the New York Encounter’s panel on the new book Cry of the Heart.

I attended the panel discussion entitled “You Cannot Love What Shocks You” for three reasons: Because a friend was participating in the panel, to hear anecdotes of the inimitable Lorenzo Albacete by people who knew him personally, but mainly because this ...


“An Unconditional Embrace”

The New York Encounter event introducing the newly translated book by Fr. Giussani, “The Miracle of Hospitality” shares three expressions of the same unconditional embrace.

Fr. Giussani, in his newly translated book The Miracle of Hospitality, describes the conditions for hospitality as a miracle, noting that, “If we do not feel welcomed or loved in the first place, we cannot share anything. In other words, we cannot make ou...

“Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich

Nietzsche’s Urge for the Truth

Stephen, curator of the New York Encounter exhibit on Friedrich Nietzsche, shares why knowing Nietzsche is helpful for understanding our American culture.

The New York Encounter has become synonymous with forging bridges across cultural divides, highlighting the positive ways in which faith intersects with culture, and serving as a place of hope and friendship for thousands of people every year. What possib...


The presentation “Peace on Earth” at the New York Encounter with Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN, and Most Reverend Borys Gudziak, Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

The Event of A People

Riro, one of the New York Encounter organizers, shares the work and the beauty of the New York Encounter and its 2023 theme.

The New York Encounter is an amazing adventure culminating in a weekend that for thousands becomes an experience of gratitude, joy, and hope. As tiring as it can be, I always say that the NYE weekend is the one I expect the most, the one I enjoy the most,...

The Wound of Aleppo

One of the most devastating earthquakes in Middle Eastern history. Thousands killed and wounded, in an area already tried by years of war. Yet "some already know where to start again."

Announcement of School of Community

Notes on the Announcement of School of Community with Davide Properi and Monsignor Filippo Santoro in video conference from Milan, 25th January 2023.

Identity and Relationship

Sexual fluidity and the anthropological crisis, its causes and consequences. From the January issue of Tracce, a dialogue with Alberto Frigerio, priest, doctor, and professor of Ethics.
Fr. Luigi Giussani

In the Heart of the Church

“Fr. Giussani has been for me the door by which I suddenly find myself in the very heart of the Church; a heart which is alive and is giving life.” A witness from Fr. Michael in Indiana.

My name is Fr. Michael and I am a Diocesan priest for the Diocese of Lafayette, IN. I first encountered Fr. Giussani by means of other men studying for the priesthood. These men, also studying for Lafayette Diocese, attended Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in E...

"At Eternity's Gate" by Vincet Van Gogh

Saved from the Abyss

Matteo responds to a concerned mother, sharing the experience of rebirth he and his family have encountered in the Cenacolo community.

Not long ago I happened to read the desperate cry of a mother in an article published in the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. This mother was hopeless as her son had fallen into drug use, becoming dangerous to himself and his family. After many atte...


The Tenderness of His Presence

“I felt free to share everything with these new friends” – visiting her friend in Florida, Sofia rediscovers her need to discover Christ within a companionship in the flesh.

I recently spent several weeks in Florida visiting a dear friend, Jess. During our rich days together I got to know many of her own friends — in Pensacola, Jacksonville, Port St Lucie and West Palm Beach — about whom I have known for a long time, both bec...


Pilgrimage for Peace

The Denver School of Community shares their judgment to propose a pilgrimage and what they discovered in light of this moment together.

Recently we met for a School of Community centered on a simple question: how do we accept the invitation that the Pope made to us in St. Peter’s Square on October 15 to accompany him in the “prophecy for peace”? At the end of two months of working on the ...

The members of the diocesan tribunal (Photo: Paolo Gianferrari)

Piccinini: Diocesan Inquiry Initiated

On Saturday, December 10 the first phase of Enzo Piccinini’s cause for beatification began. The tribunal presided over by the bishop has been established. Here are the words of Davide Prosperi and those of Monsignor Erio Castellucci.

Chicago: "A Chance to Risk my Whole Self"

A study program took Matteo to America for a few months with some classmates. Meeting the local CL community, daily life, and a friendship that day by day became more interesting.