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Booklets of the Fraternity Exercises

In this section, we publish the booklet of the most recent Spiritual Exercises. The Exercises are held once a year and are a privileged moment to identify with the charism of CL and for a personal ascesis. Father Giussani recommended that the “three-day” retreat be set in such a way as to have also a strong aesthetic impact. For this reason, listening to classical music and to Italian and foreign songs is particularly important, as well as the observance of silence, watching images of works of art, and the choral prayer.

The Booklet of the Spiritual Exercises held in the previous years (1983-2004) are available on the website

2015: "A Presence Within the Gaze" (Rimini, April 24-26)

2014: «Press on to make Him my own» (Rimini, April 4-6)

2013: «Who will separate us from the love of Christ?» (Rimini, April 19-21)

2012: «It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me» (Rimini, April 20-22)

2011: «Whoever is in Christ is a New Creation» (Rimini, April 29-30)

2010: «Can a Man be Born Again, Once He is Old?» (Rimini, April 23-25)

2009: «From Faith, the Method» (Rimini, April 24-26)

2008: «This is the Victory that Conquers the World, Our Faith» (Rimini, April 25-27)

2007: «Christ in His Beauty Draws Me to Him» (Rimini, May 4-6)

2006: «You Live for Love of Something Happening Now» (Rimini, April 28-30)

2005: «Hope Does Not Disappoint» (Rimini, April 29 - May 1)

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