Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo - The Fecundity of the Charism

Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo

The Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo trace their origins to 2004. Rachele Paiusco, followed by other young women, was moved by the encounter with the Priestly Fraternity of the Missionaries of Saint Charles Borromeo, and desired to share its life and ideals by living in communion with it. From the very beginning, a small community formed, united by the same desire.

On March 25, 2007, the community received its first diocesan recognition: it was erected a Private Association of the Faithful by the Bishop of the Diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina, Mons. Gino Reali. Thus the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo were born, guided by Fr. Paolo Sottopietra as superior general and by Mons. Massimo Camisasca.
The desire of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles is to serve the charism of Fr. Giussani by living mission throughout the world. They do this in communion and friendship with the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Charles, acting with it in unity of spirit and intent, and collaborating where possible.
On March 25, 2011, in the presence of Mons. Gino Reali, Sister Rachele was the first to take definitive vows and, on the same occasion, the Missionary Sisters were recognized as a Public Association of the Faithful.

Mission is conceived as witnessing to the beauty, truth, and freedom that one lives, thanks to the encounter with Christ and to familiarity with Him. In order to give their lives to Christ, the Missionary Sisters take vows of virginity, poverty, and obedience, and wear a habit that recalls to Whom they belong.
The Missionary Sisters desire to live life in adoration and gratuitousness, certain that the gift of self to others can only come from the relationship with Christ lived in silence, adoration, and the life of the house.

The Missionary Sisters work in the world, dedicating themselves to the announcement of Christ present and to the education of faith. They make themselves available to go wherever the needs of the Church and the Movement of Communion and Liberation require their presence, performing tasks and professions useful to this aim: in schools, hospitals, parishes, and works of charity.

Currently, there are 21 Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo, and they are present in Italy and Africa. In Rome, where the motherhouse is located, they collaborate with the priests of the Fraternity of Saint Charles in several parishes. Houses in Reggio Emilia, at the service of Mons. Massimo Camisasca, and in Nairobi, Kenya, were established on December 10, 2012.

At the motherhouse, the Missionary Sisters begin to live what they will be called to live in each of the mission houses. Prayer, common life, and study constitute the cornerstones of life: privileged paths for deepening the knowledge of Christ, His life, and His words.

On March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday, Mons. Gino Reali approved the new Constitutions of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles, naming Sister Rachele Paiusco superior general, and Mariagiulia Cremonesi vicar general.

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