Memores Domini - The Fecundity of the Charism

Memores Domini

The Memores Domini Lay Association unites the members of Communion and Liberation who follow a vocation of total dedication to God while living in the world. The principal factors of the life of the Memores Domini are contemplation, understood as tending to keep one’s mind constantly trained on Christ, and mission, that is, the passion for carrying the Christian announcement into the life of all men.

The Memor Domini is a layperson who freely lives a life totally immersed in the world with total personal responsibility and commits himself to mission by living his professional occupation as the locus of the memory of Christ. Associates aim at pursuing a life of Christian perfection by practicing the Evangelical Counsels–obedience, poverty, virginity–as understood and taught by Fr. Luigi Giussani, in continuity with the tradition of the Church.

The Memores Domini–sometimes called the “Adult Group”–practice a common life in Houses whose purpose is mutual edification in the memory of Christ in view of mission, sustained by a climate of silence, common prayer, and fraternal sharing.
The Association originated in Milan in 1964. After spreading through various Italian dioceses, the Association was erected canonically by the Bishop of Piacenza, Msgr. Enrico Manfredini, on June 14, 1981. On December 8, 1988, the Memores Domini were approved by the Holy See, which recognized their juridical status as a “Private Universal Ecclesial Association.”

The Memores Domini are currently present in over thirty countries. Currently, Dr. Carlo Wolfsgruber holds the office of President, having been elected by the Association’s Governing Council. The Ecclesiastical Councilor, appointed by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, is Fr. Julián Carrón.


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