Pilgrimage for Peace

The Denver School of Community shares their judgment to propose a pilgrimage and what they discovered in light of this moment together.

Recently we met for a School of Community centered on a simple question: how do we accept the invitation that the Pope made to us in St. Peter’s Square on October 15 to accompany him in the “prophecy for peace”? At the end of two months of working on the text of his address, we realized that we can run the risk of missing his plea asking us for what he called “a practical help for today, for this time”.

In light of the flier published by Communion and Liberation, a surprising discussion happened at our meeting with questions about what it means to dialogue and why it is hard, about the role of the US in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, about the meaning of Advent and awaiting the coming of Christ in the current situation of our lives and the life of the world, and about the usefulness of praying. All questions marked by the gratitude for the education we receive in the Movement which encourages us not to overlook anything happening around us. At the end of this lively School of Community we arrived at a common final judgment: we do not need to understand everything; we can start obeying.

At the end of his plea, the Pope told us, “Do not stand still” and the flier by CL states, “we are committed to promoting gestures of prayer and public moments of discussion that can foster a deepening and greater understanding of the value contained within Pope Francis' judgment on what is happening.” And so a few of us started to develop the simple idea to go on a pilgrimage to the Mother Cabrini Shrine to recite the rosary according to the intention of the Pope.

On Sunday, January 8, we met on the grounds of the shrine and hiked up the icy steps of the outdoor Way of the Cross to the statue of Jesus that overlooks the city of Denver to the East and the Continental Divide to the West. At the end of the rosary we sang two songs: Reina de la Paz (which allows us to involve the Spanish-speaking pilgrims whom we find at the top and have a special devotion to this shrine) and My Father Sings to Me.

Back at our cars we shared cookies and hot chocolate prepared by some of us to end a beautiful day of community, which left us with an unusual peace in our hearts. It is this peace that we asked for to the only One who can give it to us and to the world.

Denver, CO School of Community