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Saint Pope John Paul II greets Msgr. Luigi Giussani at a gathering of ecclesial movements at the Vatican in 1998

The Church, Our Mother


In La Thuile, Jonathan and Fr. Alex rediscover what it means to be children of the Church.

What we have Seen


Some of the US participants at this year’s International Assembly of Responsibles share their experiences.

(Photo by: Angel Garcia, Bloomberg / Getty)

La Thuile, The Day After


"Why?" did people from all over the world travel to Italy for a four-day meeting?

An Unearned Belonging


“Because I had been given so much, I wanted to give something back.”

Luca, a teacher in Gainesville, Florida

Florida: The Facts Before Our Eyes


Luca has been teaching in the United States for seven years. He recounts his life in recent times and his relationships with friends. It is an everyday life in which "Jesus happens, and He asks me to follow Him."

“The Artist’s Garden at Vétheuil” by Claude Monet (detail)

Gleaming With Joy


Following what happened to her, Erin travels to the DC area to meet these friends in person.

"Justitia" by Raphael Morghen

Understanding Dobbs


An interview with Notre Dame law professor, Paolo Carozza, helps us understand the particulars of the Supreme Court Dobbs decision.

Photo: Unsplash/Victor Malyushev

"My Roses Are Blooming"


Rachelle recounts community life in North Carolina. In 2011 there were seven people, but at their last gathering there were more than 40 people. "What are You doing, Lord, that You have created this community out of practically nothing?"