Rapid transformations in society and culture are driving many people to ask new questions, and to re-examine answers that had long been taken for granted. What can science contribute to the understanding of who we are? How do the new means of communication shape the perception of ourselves in relationship to others? What does national identity mean in a globalized world economy? How does our sexuality, and the way we structure our families, affect our sense of self? What is the role of religiosity in forming our individual and collective identity? Click to learn more


"Why the Church?" by Fr. Luigi Giussani

Presented by Fr. José Medina,
National leader of Communion and Liberation in the USA

Saturday, January 10th at 3.00 p.m.
Catholic Charities 721 N. LaSalle St, Chicago
Vincent Hall 1st Floor

For more information contact : com.lib.chi@gmail.com


Make the 2015 Pledge

From the Movement’s beginnings, one of its most educative gestures has been the so-called “common fund.” This is a fund whose aim is the furthering of the Movement’s work through support of missionary, charitable, and cultural activities. Everyone gives freely to this fund, contributing monthly a percentage of income (at the beginning of the Movement’s history this was called the “tithe”). The purpose of this gesture is to witness to a communal concept of personal property and a growth in awareness of poverty as an evangelical virtue.
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The Beautiful Road

Watch the Trailer of the video for the 60th anniversary of Communion and Liberation. Screening of the documentary marking the 60th anniversary of the birth of Communion and Liberation, will be presented at the New York Encounter by its director Monica Maggioni


Only one thing I long, to live in the house of the Lord

To be good priests, you first of all have to be men, to feel what men feel. Live the relationship with everything that becomes present. Live the truth of your humanity. Live your humanity as an aspiration, as a sensitivity to the problems, as a risk to face, as a faithfulness to what God makes urgent in your soul. In this way, reality will appear to your eyes in a true way. - Luigi Giussani
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Christmas 2014

Download the December 2014 issue and read Pope Francis' address at the conclusion of the Third World Congress of Ecclessial Movements and New Communities. "The Joy of the Gospel a Missionary Joy..."
Editorial: A Strange Presence by Luigi Giussani
An excerpt from In cammino 1992-1998(On the Journey), Bur, Milan, pp. 221-223
AVSI Tents campaign Cries that Can't Go Unheard

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